Terminator Salvation

Terminator Salvation

Online strategy based on the post apocalyptic movie


  • Comprehensive Terminator theme
  • Easy to pick up


  • Boring
  • Repetitive

Not good

Terminator Salvation is a free browser game. Although it's about the war between humans and the terminators, this is a strategy game based on managing resources and building up you characters strengths to win battles.

There are hundreds of games like this online. The theme and visuals are almost irrelevant. Terminator Salvation requires you to constantly level up, by completing missions and fights. These are both done simply by clicking and waiting. To begin with, waiting times are short, but they increase as you progress.

Starting Terminator Salvation requires you to mindlessly click on an 'Execute Mission' button until you have gained rank in 8 different categories. Completing missions gains you experience and rewards, while unlocking new mission areas. The gameply itself is really suitable only if you want something to play 'in the background'. There is really nothing more to it than repeated clicking, with no action at all.

Social online games like Farmville weave complex social networks, and allow you to see the fruits of your clicking and waiting. In contrast, Terminator Salvation just offers you numbers and grind. While Arnie got to roam around earth blowing stuff up, Terminator Salvation offers you no such excitement.

Terminator Salvation is online 'strategy' by numbers, with little imagination, and dull presentation.

Terminator Salvation


Terminator Salvation

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